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Fines management Service Covers all activities resulting from the issuance of a fine or infringement of the Road Code.

The management of fines by the rental company is a compulsory service, being the vehicle owner.

The fines are then notified to the rental company - as a vehicle owner - who will proceed to renegotiate them to the customer.

The offender is the transgressor ie the driver of the vehicle, together with the tenant (company, freelance or private) who has signed the contract.

In the case of infractions involving a pecuniary sanction, including the dump of points, the rental company is also obliged to notify the name of the user who was at the time of the transgression in the lead, subject to a further economic sanction Always turned to the customer.

For each verbal notification or for any communication made to the authorities requesting the tenant's details to report the records of infringements, the rental company charges to the client the handling cost of € 50.00 VAT included.

In case the offender is stopped directly by the police, B-RENT also receives notification of the violation of the street code that will be redirected to the customer.

The verbal service management is active Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm 800.00.56.57.