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Personal Accident Insurance

The Personal Accident Insurance provides the driver with a further cover in the unlucky event that he is involved in a serious, or even mortal traffic collision. Even if the standard formula included in all our rental agreements protects all the passengers, without the PAI the driver is actually exposed.

Compensations for the main driver:

This essential option for 1.50€ a day, covers any cost for:

Medical expenses up to: 500€
Ambulance transfer expenses up to: 250€
Major injuries, causing a long-term disability to the driver: 50.000€

When is the client covered?

Indemnities are agreed for any major injury occurring to the driver during the rental period. Notice: The PAI covers only the main driver and additional drivers included in the rental agreement.


Indemnities will not be issued in the following cases:

  • Self-inflicted intentional injury, suicide or attempted suicide;
  • Murder or attempted murder;
  • Accident occurred while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed and taken under the supervision of a physician);
  • Accident caused by illegal street-racing;
  • War or war-related events;
  • Engagement in illegal activities;
  • Complications related to pregnancy or childbirth;
  • Glasses replacement or ophthalmological examination, if the damage to the eyesight was not caused by a traffic collision.
The insurance will no longer be valid in case of embezzlement of the hire car by the renter, who has not returned the vehicle in time to the location scheduled, or otherwise breached the Rental Agreement.

Notice: This list represents a summary of the possible situations; other restrictions may apply.

Other coverage limitations are briefly described as follows:

Injuries (Indemnities to the drivers):

Partial or complete loss of vision 20.000€;
Loss of one or more limbs 20.000€;
Total permanent disability 50.000€;
Decease 30.000€.

Emergency medical expenses (Indemnities to the drivers)

Ambulance transfer expenses up to: 250€
Medical expenses up to: 500€

As occurs for other services, there are conditions, limitations and restrictions that affect this cover.