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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance provides a financial indemnity for you and passenger in case of accidental death and accidental medical expenses during the rental period of the vehicle.

Pai Coverage:

Fatal Accident: € 50.000
Accidental Medical expenses: € 500,00
Ambulance Service: € 250,00

The benefits owner may be paid with an additional coverage to which is entitled the driver. In any event, indemnity PAI coverage may influence those provided by some other coverage.

When the customer is covered?

Accepting this coverage, the compensation is applied to all injuries suffered by the driver during rental period within B-Rent vehicle. It is considered driver, which has the right to compensation, only the authorized person such as in rental contract as main driver or additional driver.


Benefits are not paid for any loss caused directly or indirectly under these circumstances:

  • Intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide, or any attempted suicide, while insane or sane;
  • Committing or attempting to commit a murder;
  • An accident which occurs while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless prescribed and taken at the advice of a physician;
  • An accident which occurs while participating in a prearranged or organized race or testing of a vehicle;
  • War or any act of war;
  • Engagement in an illegal occupation;
  • Pregnancy or postpartum complications;
  • Contact lenses replacement;
  • Insurance will not be in effect if the Renter converts the rental vehicle or during any period while the insured Renter is in violation of the Rental Agreement;
  • The renter may be deemed to have converted the rental vehicle whenever the rental vehicle is not returned to the rental company by the return date.
This is a summary only and other restrictions may apply.

How to submit a PAI claim form

You can submit a claim form by clicking here, attach a copy of the rental agreement and send all listed above to:

B-RENT Srl, via P. Picasso SNC 80029 Sant’Antimo (NA)

Please each claim should be sent at the above address within twenty (20) days from the date of loss.

Sono illustrati brevemente i limiti di copertura.

Infortuni (Indennizzi al Conducente):

Decesso € 30.000;
Perdita della vista a uno o entrambi gli occhi € 20.000;
Perdita di uno o più arti € 20.000;
Invalidità permanente e totale € 50.000.

Spese mediche e di emergenza (Indennizzi al Conducente):

Spese per l’ambulanza € 250;
Spese mediche € 500.

Come accade per ogni opzione, esistono condizioni, limitazioni e restrizioni che hanno effetto sulle coperture fornite.