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Car Hire Milan Malpensa Terminal 1/2
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Milan Malpensa
(Terminal 1)

If you are looking for a hire car at Milan Malpensa, you’ll find us five minutes away from the airport, even less, calling 388 64 24 142 and asking for our totally free shuttle bus service, available 24 hours a day. Enter your flight number while booking online and in case it’s in late, we’ll keep your hire car at Milan Malpensa airport for an hour, with no further delays or surcharges. Besides, if needed, we offer you the possibility to return your vehicle even when our car hire Milan Malpensa is closed.




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Milan Malpensa, Terminal 1 / 2

116 Via del Gregge
21015 Lonate Pozzolo (VA)
Cell: +39 388 64 24 142
e-mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours:

Shuttle Bus Service:
The shuttle bus service from/to the car hire Milan Malpensa is totally free and available 24 hours a day. The assembly point for the Terminal 1 is on the second floor (departures), behind door 16. If you are closer to the terminal 2, the assembly point is in front of the pharmacy. If you want to require this service, please, call 388 64 24 142.

Standard / Out of hours return:
You can return the vehicle to the car hire Milan Malpensa in Via del Gregge 110. Where necessary it is possible to return the vehicle after-hours. Just leave your hire car in the proper parking lots and give the keys to the responsible employee from the “Autoport”, who oversees the out of hours returns.

Roadside Assistance:
If you are having any issues with your hire car, you can call our 24/7 roadside assistance, at the toll-free numbers: 800 71 39 98 from Italy, or 02 582 45 794 from abroad. Our multilingual customer service team would be glad to provide you all the needed support and assistance. For more information, check our Roadside Assistance

Skip the Line
Skip the line allows to sidestep the standard queue and join a preferential line. This option is available while booking online or directly inside the rental stations of: Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Milan Central Station, Olbia, Cagliari, Naples and Catania Airport. The client may easily switch to the dedicated fast track by taking the number designed for this service, and pay for it only once he reaches the desk. The rate charged for this service is 6,99€ during the Low season and 14,99€ in the High season.

Lost and Found:
In case you left any personal effect on the vehicle, you can contact the pertinent location at the phone numbers specified above. However, B-Rent shall not be responsible for any abandoned or lost object.


Limited Traffic Zone in Milan (ZTL)

Milan is one of the most visited cities in Italy, so traffic happens to be very congested. For this reason, the municipality has introduced a series of antipollution provisions, in order to increase the air quality over the time. In the following section, we will try to explain the guidelines for the access to the main Limited Traffic Zones in Milan, so that you can drive light-hearted, without risking to be fined. The main ZTL in Milan are called C and B areas.

Area C

The Cerchia Bastioni perimeters, known as Area C, are delimited by roughly forty-three accesses, seven of which are dedicated to public transport. To enter in this macro-area that coincides with the Old Town, you will need to buy the proper ticket from an authorised dealer (newsstands, tobacconists, ATM points, Intesa Sanpaolo bancomat and so on). In alternative you can send an SMS to 48444, reporting AREAC and your plate number in capital letters, separated by a point: “AREAC.PLATENUMBER”. However, the access to the ZTL is always forbidden for petrol-powered vehicles Euro 0 and 1, as well as for diesel-powered Euro 0, 1, 2, 3. On the other hand, electric and hybrid cars (class M1, hybrid-electric engine with emissions ≤ to 100 g/km) can freely enter and circulate in the Area C. The traffic limitation is active on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, form 7:30am to 7:30pm, and on Saturday from 7:30am to 6:00pm. Every ticket is valid for 1 day and should be paid within 24 hours from the access to the restricted area. Usually the access is free on Sunday and public holidays.

Area B

The district called Area B is right outside the Area C and has 185 monitored entrances, but there is no ticket to pay. The area is off limits from Monday to Friday (7:30am-7:30pm), for petrol-powered vehicles Euro 0, or diesel-powered vehicles Euro 0,1,2,3,4.

In order to pick up a vehicle at the car hire Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 the holder of the rental agreement and any additional driver shall provide:

  • A valid driving licence (if you live in a Country where Roman script is not the standard writing system, you will need an international driving licence, or a certified translation released by your Country’s embassy)
  • Identity Card or passport

Payment Systems

Even if you will be allowed to pay with any kind of card during the online booking procedure, at the pick-up time you must provide a credit card for the security deposit, unless you have selected a vehicle from the J, J Top or J Suv category. In this case you will need two credit cards, one of which must compulsorily be Gold or Platinum. We accept:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

We do not accept prepaid, rechargeable or debit cards, as well as any card issued by non-banking financial institutions (e.g. Visa Electron, Pagobancomat, Maestro, Revolving, Viabuy, Comdirect and Supercard Plus). The holder of the credit card and the one of the Rental Agreement must be identified as the same person.

Age of the driver

All the drivers in the rental agreement must be aged within 19 and 75 years old, having held the driving licence for at least one year. Young drivers under 25 years old, must pay a small surcharge.

Italian Traffic Code

Here’s a small guide with the main road traffic rules to drive in Italy.


Nessuna foto presente per la nostra stazione di noleggio auto a Milano Malpensa Terminal 1.


Museo Agusta

Gestito da ex dipendenti in pensione e lavoratori, il Museo Agusta raccoglie la produzione del celebre marchio dal 1907 al 1976: le mitiche motociclette a marchio MV‐Agusta e quelle dell’ex Reparto Corse, gli elicotteri e tutti gli altri pezzi di meccanica realizzati dall'azienda.

Volandia - Parco e Museo del volo

Il Parco-Museo è gestito dalla Fondazione Museo dell'Aeronautica e mira a valorizzare la storia dell'aviazione mondiale con particolare riferimento alla aziende italiane, il tutto diviso in ben tredici padiglioni.
Il museo è aperto dal martedì al venerdì dalle ore 10.00 alle 19.00 e il sabato e la domenica dalle 10.00 alle 19.30. Il biglietto di ingresso costa 11€ (ridotto a 8€ per le forze dell'ordine). I bambini dai 3 agli 11 anni pagano 5€. Sito web


AirHelp ha stilato una classifica dei migliori aeroporti al mondo. Il migliore in Italia è l'aeroporto di Malpensa che però è solo trentesimo a livello globale.

LUGLIO 2017 - Milano Malpensa si aggiudica il titolo di migliore aeroporto d’Italia. A stabilirlo è AirHelp score che, utilizzando i dati collegati al periodo che va dal 22 dicembre 2016 al 20 marzo 2017, ha stilato la classifica dei migliori aeroporti a livello globale.
I criteri presi in considerazione sono stati quelli dei voli ritardati e annullati, la qualità dei servizi e l’analisi del servizio clienti. E sulla base di questi è proprio l’aeroporto milanese ad aggiudicarsi il primato italiano. Il voto sulla qualità dei servizi dello scalo milanese secondo AirHelp è 6, quello sulla puntualità è 8,4 e quello sulla valutazione dei passeggeri è 7,4. Media finale 7.23.
Non va così bene se si considera però la classifica nella sua totalità, cioè a livello globale, per cui lo stesso aeroporto è solo 30esimo. Il migliore al mondo è infatti quello di Shanghai, seguito da quello di Monaco di Baviera ed Hong Kong.