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Terms and conditions

• The B-Rent rates include limitations of liability for damages (CDW), theft (TP) outstanding charges, vehicles and VAT.
• Apply to the Terms and Conditions of the standard rental.
• The driver must be in possession of a credit card (we do not accept Postepay and rechargeable prepaid cards) and driving license valid.

Insurance, covers and Limitations of Liability

Limitation of Liability for Damage (CDW) The Limitation of Liability for Damage (CDW) reduces the responsibility of the driver if the car is damaged, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. Instead of the total cost, the driver will usually be liable only for the first fraction, called "deductible." This protection is applied to all licensed drivers.
Civil liability (RCA) The Civil Liability (RCA) covers the responsibility of the driver in the event of damage to any property, excluding the rental car itself. It also covers damage caused to third parties, regardless of whether they are in the car rented or not, subject to the terms of the rental agreement.
Theft Protection (TP) Theft Protection (TP) limits the liability of the driver towards the costs arising from the theft of the car. The damage done by the theft and subsequent tempering or attempted theft fall under the limitation of liability for damage (CDW). The responsibility will correspond to the amount of the deductible, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. TP does not cover personal belongings.
Included at no additional cost Airport Surcharge
Road assistance
Local taxes
Tourist traffic / road license
For new drivers there are no additional costs


Not included in the price of the rental Cleaning costs – you will need to pay these costs in the case that the vehicle required a superior cleaning, to restore the pre-rental conditions.
Circulation costs Customers are responsible for tolls, congestion charges, speeding fines, fines resulting from traffic infringements of the code and associated administrative costs.


Payment methods accepted at the counter
You will need a credit card for booking. The main driver must be in possession of a credit card in their own name at the time of the withdrawal. The paper must contain the necessary credit to cover the amount of the deductible / deposit (which will be stuck on the card for the rental period). The paper will also be required to pay any local cost, extra accessories and any other additional service required at the charterer's desk.
Cards accepted: American Express

Please note: B-Rent is unable to accept prepaid cards, rechargeable cards, virtual credit cards or any other card that does not have the figures in relief. The cards Dankort Visa and China UnionPay will not be accepted.
Requirements of the license at the time of collecting the vehicle. All drivers must present their valid driver's license. The license holders with photography and separate paper counterpart, will have to present both sides. In the event that the driver is in possession of a driving license issued by the People's Republic, you will need to submit a certified translation rather than An international driver's license. All the drivers must be in possession of a valid european driver’s licence . An international licence will be accepted for drivers outside the European Union.
Terms and conditions of the DVLA. If you owned a driving license issued in the United Kingdom, any penalty points would be stored online (and not on the license or paper counterpart) as of 8 June 2015. To have the penalty points will not make you necessarily unsuitable to rent a car, but at the time of withdrawal, you will need to sign a "Declaration" to confirm how many points deducted (if you had) you have on your driver's license.
Identification forms. You will need to present your passport or identity card. EU citizens must submit a valid national driving license and passport or identity card. Customers who do not belong to the European Union will have to submit the following documents: a driver's license and an international driving permit (or a legal translation of a driver's license made by the embassy or consulate).The customers who are not part of European Union but who reside in Italy for at least one year, must submit an italiandriver's license and passport or identity card.
Voucher / eVoucher. At the time of the withdrawal, the main driver must present the voucher / eVoucher B-Rent that will be available after confirmation of the booking. The voucher confirms the existence of the reservation on behalf of the customer and attests his payment. At the time of the withdrawal, B-Rent Srl will require a copy of the voucher or the eVoucher. Failing this, the B-Rent Srl will not be able to deliver the car, or will have to re-charge the cost of the rental.
Storage / Deductible. B-Rent Srl will requires a security deposit of at least € 1,300,00 (the deposit shall be proportionate to the car's market value) excluding taxes at the time of the withdrawal. The deposit will be returned at the end of rental, provided that all conditions have been met. The car has a deductible in case of damages of at least € 1,300,00 (the deductible is proportionate to the car's market value) plus tax. The car has a deductible in case of theft amounting to 10% of the market value at the time of the event (quote Eurotax blue) plus tax. Because of fluctuations in exchange rates and other bank charges, the B-Rent Srlnon be responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount reimbursed.
Optional coverages available over the counter. The Super Coverage for Damage (SCDW) reduces the responsibility of the driver in the event of damage caused to the car. It limits the legal obligations of the driver toward the payment of the costs of repair or replacement of the car, subject to the terms of the rental agreement. Instead of the total cost, the driver will usually be liable only for the first fraction, called "deductible" This protection is applied to all licensed drivers.
Covert mode at the counter of the supplier. You can evaluate to buy additional coverage to reduce your deductible. Please note that coverage will be cancelled in case of negligence, refueling errors or violation of the terms of the rental agreement (for eg in case of driving under influence).Please read the terms and conditions when signing the contract, for more details about the exclusions and limitations of the policy.
The administrative fees. The administrative fees will be charged by the damage done to B-Rent’s car when given back. Immobilization costs are expected in the event of an accident and in case of impounded vehicle. These will add up to the amount withheld from the exemption, and they are mandatory. These costs vary depending on the type of car and the number of days required for the repair.
Options on the fuel policy. The car will be delivered with the fuel level indicated on the rental form; at the end of rental, the car must be returned with the same condition. In case that it is returned with a smaller amount, the customer will have to pay for the missing fuel. The cost will depend on the size of the tank and on the rate of B-Rent Srl. I t will be necessary to leave a deposit for fuel, usually in the form of money blocked on the credit card. The B-Rent Srl could take the fuel surcharge at the time of pick up. In case that the vehicle is delivered with missing fuel, a charge will be applied. The charge will depend on the car's fuel tank capacity and the policy applied by the B-Rent Srl. In addition, a cost of supply between € 5.00 and € 25,00 excluding taxes, will be charged to cover the costs of logistics.

Extra services (Payable on the counter)

One way hires. If yo returned the car in a different location from the withdrawal, the B-Rent Srl may charge the fee one way to cover the costs of returning the car to the original location. Notice is required for all rentals of one way. In case you returned the car in a different location from the expected, a "penalty" will be applied from the B-Rent Srl. The cost of this service will be defined after confirming the reservation with B-Rent Srl.
Rules on crossing the borders. Customers who intend to travel outside of rental countries’ boundaries (or on islands within the same country) must advise the B-Rent Srl before picking up the car. Additional fees or restrictions may be applied for certain countries.
Home delivery service. If requested in advance, the B-Rent Srl might agree to deliver the car at home at the beginning of the rental. The cost will be paid to the B-Rent Srl at the time of signing the contract.
Fees and costs. All additional services will be subject to sales taxes and local taxes, where applicable.
Extra accessories payable at the time of pick-up. Extra accessories must be requested at time of booking.
Conditions on extra accessories. Extra accessories will be subject to sales taxes and local taxes, where applicable. In the event that the car were returned in a different place, the, the B-Rent Srl will apply a fee forward to cover the costs of the return of extra accessories at the original rental station.The customers that require extra accessories will have to leave a deposit at the bank of the charterer.
Additional drivers. The presence of an additional driver does not involve any additional cost.
Important information about B-Rent Srl. To make sure that you understand the laws and rental cars’ driving rules in your own country and abroad, it is essential to consult fully Terms and Conditions, before you pick up the car. In particular, make sure you know which documents you need to take with you (eg. Driver's license, identification forms, payment cards) and what you will pay at the charterer's desk. In the event that something was missing, the B-Rent Srl may not hand you the car. Making reservation, you are confirming you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions. At the time of the withdrawal, the B-Rent Srl will require you to sign the contract. Be sure to read it carefully and if there was something unclear, discuss with the B-Rent Srl before signing. In the event that you are unhappy with certain aspects of the car, it is important to talk to the charterer. In case you are not satisfied with the response, contact the toll free number 800.00.56.57 and tell us your experience. Our opening times are given in the section of our site locations. In case you encounter problems during the rental, call the number 800.00.56.57 which is located at the bottom of the voucher. If you are calling outside of office hours, you will have the option to speak to an operator or leave a message including your phone number so we can contact you as soon as possible.
Information on exchange rates. Please note that B-Rent Srl can not be held responsible for any fluctuations in exchange rates or for any fee charged by the bank or issuer of the credit card. The amount that will appear on your statement of the credit card may be different from the sum displayed during the rental process. Similarly, if we were to make a refund, you will be credited back with the exact amount originally paid.
Important information about the B-Rent accidents or failures. In the event of breakdowns, mechanical problems or accidents, you will need to immediately call B-Rent, you will have to give permission for the repair or replacement of the car. Please keep copies of completed documents, which may be required in case you needed to make a claim. For accidents, you will also need a police report and a report of the B-Rent Srl Roadside Assistance - The B-Rent provides a roadside service. Upon retirement, be sure to find the documents in the car, usually in the door objects or caught between the sun visor. lost keys - In case of loss of car keys, you will be charged for replacement. Seat belts - Regardless of country of driving, the driver and passengers must wear seat belts Please note that smoking is not permitted inside the car. Sanctions will be applied to offenders. Price calculation - Prices are based on pick-up and return times agreed before the rental. In case of withdrawal of late arrivals or early return, no refund will be possible. At the time of the withdrawal, the customer can choose a different car than the one booked. In this case, an additional charge may be applied, also in the case where the new car is smaller. In the event that you were involved in an accident and the car flip over on the roof, you could be responsible for the payment of an additional charge in addition to the deductible.
Cancellations, No-shows and changes. Cancellation of bookings fully paid. Requests of cancellation at least 48 hours before the rental, will provide for a full refund. For cancellations within 48 hours before the start of the rental, will provide for a partial refund, since will be deducted the equivalent of 3 day rental (In case the duration of the booking is less than 3 days, will not be subject to any additional charges or refunds) when you are not on time for the date and time agreed upon, and / or in the absence of the necessary documentation or credit cards containing the necessary funds for the deposit, B-Rent Srl could refuse to deliver the car.
No-Show. The "No-shows" consist in: cancelling your reservation without notifying before the rental, not picking up the car at the time and date agreed, not having the necessary documentation for the withdrawal of the car, not having the credit card on behalf of the principal driver, containing the funds necessary for the security deposit. In all these cases, there will be no refund. The B-Rent reserves the right to refuse the delivery of the car to customers that do not arrive at the appointed time with the necessary documentation and the credit card with sufficient funds to cover the deposit. In this case, unless the car has not been canceled in advance, the customer will not be entitled to a refund. Please contact us by phone if the withdrawal is expected in less than 48 hours and want to change your reservation. Please note: prices are based on the withdrawal schedule and redelivery agreed before the rental. If you retire early or late delivery, there will be no refund. Company registration details: B-Rent Srl is a company registered in the commercial register of Isernia Is-40532 P. Iva 0898300942.